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COVID19 Update: Trusted Companion Dog Training remains committed to helping you and your companion with all its training needs through this challenging time. We continue to practice social distancing and follow CDC guideline. Our staff is ready to take your call and discuss your training needs.

A Companion You Can Trust and Communicate With

Hello and Welcome to Trusted Companion Dog Training. We appreciate you visiting our site and we look forward in you getting to know us. Here at Trusted Companion Dog Training, we handle some of the most challenging dog behaviors around. Some of these dogs would have been surrender to a shelter, would have been giving back to the rescue or even possibly euthanize without our help. Thank goodness the owners decided to contact us. If you are struggling with your companion and not enjoying everyday life with your dog don’t worry, we can help. Trusted Companion Dog Training offers eight unique training programs that are customized to your issues.
Our training program will fix bad behaviors that most families struggle with like being destructive in the house, nipping, play biting, leash pulling, leash aggression, excessive barking, crate training, potty training, doorbell excitement, sibling fighting and even food aggression just to name a few. We also specialize in dogs that suffer with severe separation anxiety, dog aggression, and even people aggression. Our trainers are trained to fix problems we are problem solvers and will help you solve all your issues that you are struggling with.

TCDT believes in owning a dog should be enjoyable and that your dog should be the best companion it can be. For this to happen you need to create a good foundation, develop the leadership roles, and learn how to communicate with your dog is your key to success. We want you to have a companion you can trust and take everywhere.

What Breeds Do We Train?

TCDT trains All BREEDS and Any Behavioral Problem you are experiencing regardless of the dog’s history. Our trainers are among the most experienced professional dog trainers in the United States, providing a reward-based training technique and behavioral modifications to our clients. Every dog deserves a chance to make better decisions and to be given a chance in life. We also believe that every dog needs to start out with a good foundation and their owners needs to have the training to communicate with his/her companion. That is why we set the dog and owner up for success the minute we arrive. Your training starts the day you bring your dog home. Your new puppy or dog starts learning immediately what you will allow and what you are not going to allow. Getting started off right is your key to your success and even though you may have waiting on training or rescued a dog it’s not too late to start training. You do not have to live with your dog’s bad behavior.

Taking The Next Step

We take pride in our clients and we appreciate you for trusting us to help you train your companion that is why we will customize each client’s needs and goals to our training program before partnering up. This will be discussed in our consultation. Not only do we focus on your dog knowing basic obedience commands, but more importantly to make good decisions on its own. Therefore, we teach you how to communicate with your dog, build a better bond and to become a leader that your companion will love and trust for a lifetime. The techniques and training that you will learn will build your confidence up to be a better leader to your dog and to communicate with you dog at all levels of distractions.

When a leadership role is determined, setting up the proper environment at home, and the proper foundation in place, you will see a significant improvement in your dog, and your relationship will then be transformed into a bond you may have never imagined was possible. This is the reason we train in your home and in the environment, you plan on taking your dog in. There is absolutely no reason to accept any unwanted behavior and to be unhappy with your companion.

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Why Consider Trusted Companion Dog Training

  • Are you a first-time dog owner?
  • Did you get a new puppy?
  • Did you adopt a dog?
  • Did you rescue a dog?
  • Are you struggling with unwanted behaviors?
  • You cannot walk your dog on a leash, your dog drags you down the street.
  • Is your dog leash reactive?
  • Does your dog have aggression toward dogs or people?
  • Did your dog bite someone or attack another dog?
  • Did another trainer turn you away, they do not work with this breed, your dog is too aggressive?
  • Are you a rescue group looking for dog trainer for your fosters or dogs that get adopted out? (We can help)

Why Choose Trusted Companion Dog Training

  • We are Certified Professional Dog trainers.
  • We are experience with all breeds and will work with all breeds.
  • We come highly recommended by Veterinarians.
  • Each Client will have a Login and App to help with training.
  • Our clients are smarter and more responsible than the average dog owner.
  • Our clients refer us to their friends and neighborhood.
  • Our training is commitment base and designed around your goals.
  • Our training methods is positive reinforcement and re-ward base training.
  • Real-world training session outside the home.
  • Unlimited training based on your goals and needs (per trainer’s discussion).
  • Sign-up for in-home training you will have Access to all group classes when/if are available.
  • Lifetime continuing education, follow-up, and support (per contract agreement).
Services We Offer – Trusted Companion Dog Training offers eight unique training programs for dog owners and their companion. Since your companion lives with you and most of the time the behavior happens in your home or neighborhood, we have tailored our programs to fit most client needs. We will always start in a distraction free environment and then move to distractions areas when the dog is ready. Our training programs are tailored to your dog and your specific situations. This is what makes us unique and separates us from other dog trainers.
In-Home Dog Training
Most of our client’s issues are in their home or neighborhood and that is why we start in your home and we will fix all...
Aggression Management
We are one of a handful of trainers that, not only WILL work with, but successfully trains and rehabilitates aggressive dogs...
Puppy 101 Training
Getting started off on the right tract is the key to your puppy being the best companion it can be.
Expecting Parent Dog Training
Are you expecting a new baby or hoping to be? With all the planning, most people overlook how it may effect their dog.
Group Classes
Group classes are a great way to spend time building your relationship with your dog in a wonderful outdoor setting.
Canine Good Citizens CGC Training
We offer AKC Certifications for our clients who wish to have their puppy or dog achieve a special level of excellence...
Board and Train
Our Lifestyle Board & Train Program is a great way to have your dog trained by one of our Trusted Companion Dog Training professionals.
Rescue Group Dog Training
You can improve the chances of successful placement of a rescue dog if only you knew a few training techniques.

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