Have you had a taste?


Have You Had A Taste?

People all around Spring Texas are getting the opportunity to taste test a new product, called Crème~Delish, and it's getting an incredible response. If your are in Spring, or surrounding areas such as Conroe, Oak Ridge, Shenandoah, The Woodlands, or Tomball, don't miss your chance to taste this new product. Taste test are now finding a more permanent location. While we loved doing our taste tests at local businesses in the community it can sometimes be hard to hear testers responses. For this reason we are currently working to establish a location we can use repeatedly so you will know where to find us when you're ready for a taste.

We Have A Name!

Thank you all for your participation in helping name our product. While we loved all the names we could only choose one, and the winner is... Crème-Delish.

What Is Your Opinion?

Help spread the word... We would greatly appreciate it if you could take just a few minutes to tell others what you think of this new product.

We are attempting to collect as many comments that we can on the first taste test video hosted on YouTube. Please help us out and go to this video and leave your comments there. Good or bad we want to know what you think of our product and will make both, good and bad comments, public as long as they are family friendly. ;)

Not On YouTube?

While we would prefer to have our comments on our YouTube Channel we realize that doesn't work for everyone. If you don't have a YouTube account you can help us by leaving your comments on this site.

Comments Left By Testers

Vernita - Thursday, December 30, 2021 7:34 PM
Vernita Liked The Beverage
Smooth tasty and delicious!!! Loved it!!
Mitchell - Thursday, December 30, 2021 2:36 AM
Mitchell Liked The Beverage
This is great stuff! I got my taste and I want more!
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