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At Trusted Companion Dog Training we understand the importance of communicating with your dog and helping your dog make better decisions on its own. We would like you to know you do not have to live with your dog behavior and that we are here to help. That is why we are one of the top dog training services offered in The Woodlands and surrounding areas. We come highly recommended by vets and our clients love referring us.

You are probably wonder what areas do we service at this time we cover all of North Houston area including Pearland, Katy, Spring, The Woodland, Conroe, Willis, New Waverly, Huntsville, Lufkin, Livingston, Woodville, Cleveland, Splendora, New Caney, Porter, Humble, Atascocita.

We are excited to announce we have added another market to our service area, we are Now serving the San Antonio/Floresville surrounding areas including New Braunfels, Seguin, Kenedy, and Pleasanton.

If you do not see your location, please contact us we probably will service your area too. We are always expanding our locations.

Our owner and Lead Behavior Trainer Travis Yantes (you may know him from his previous successful company Lone Star Dog training) he has always had a passion for helping dogs and their people. Travis decided to rebrand his company and change the name to Trusted Companion Dog Training a companion you can trust. Here at TCDT we will work with all breeds and will work with any behavior issues.

Most of our client’s issues are in their own home or neighborhood, this is why we will start in your home and we will fix all unwanted behaviors before going out into the real world where distractions are everywhere.

It is important to know that you do not have to change your lifestyle for your dog and that your dog needs to change its lifestyle for you. Your companion needs to understand what you will allow and what you will not allow. In order for your companion to understand this we will teach you how to become a better leader for your dog. Our first Theory is our Leadership role.

Understanding the leadership role and building confidence will help you be able to communicate with your dog. Also, we like to start in a distraction free environment setting your dog up for success so what better place to be able to control the distraction then the dog’s home. Eliminating the distraction and working toward being able to communicate with your dog in any distraction environment is the key to your success and having a well-behaved companion.

With one-on-one training, your dog will not only learn the basic necessary commands such as Sit, Down, Place, Heel, and Recall, but will also be able to understand the calm state of mind that is needed so you are able to have your dog around lots of distraction. You will be working on the 3 D’s: Distance, Distraction and Duration, all of which allow you, and your dog, to be able to really enjoy the world around them.

Special Announcement:

Trusted Companion Dog Training is very excited to be able to offer our services in making your dreams come true in having a service dog. We understand having a service dog will make your everyday life so much better. Trusted Companion Dog Training decided to get involved with training service dogs. We believe in helping people and we know how much a service dog will change your life. Therefore, we want to make your dreams come true. Trusted Companion dog Training aims to reduce the cost of fully trained service dogs while not compromising the quality. Service dogs must pass public access test and task trained to assist an individual with their disability. Individuals who want assistance from TCDT in obtaining a fully trained service dog, will need to see our service dog section for addition information.

Our programs includes your own personal trainer, personal login to our training site, our own training app, along with continuing education, access to group classes for free (if you signed up for in-home or board and train), follow-up and support as long as you keep up with the training, contact us to learn more on how this works or if you have any questions.

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