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Aggression Management

Trusted Companion Dog Training is one of a handful of trainers that, not only WILL work with, but successfully trains and rehabilitates aggressive dogs that have a history of biting other dogs, and/or people. We specialize in aggression management unlike other dog trainers these are one of our favorites. Our trainers have been trained to work with some of the most dangerous dogs that could be forced to surrender or euthanized.

Life with your dog does not have to include the stress and worry of aggressive behavior or unwanted behavior. We can help manage and control the aggressive behavior so your dog will learn to make a better decision and be re-warded for the decision it makes.

Our trainers have been train to find the root cause of your dog’s behavior, and from that point we can begin fixing it. During the in-home consultation, we’ll get to know you and your dog, and determine the type of aggression your dog has. This may be sibling aggression, fear aggression (loud noises, strangers, sudden movements, etc.), resource guarding (in which dogs become overprotective of food, toys, and spots), leash reactivity (in which the dog reacts aggressively to other dogs or stimulants while on the leash), or the simple will to dominate (in which a dog wishes to prove he/she is the alpha dog). We will teach you some of the signs to look out for and how to communicate with your dog.

Cost: $1,375 + (any additional training tools)

Following equipment may be required:

Why Trusted Companion Dog Training, we stand behind our training!

We believe that training is important for a well behave companion and if you keep up with your companion training then your companion will stay in the home for ever. Since you made a life-long commitment to your dog, here at Trusted Companion Dog Training we want to make that same commitment to you. So, all of our In-home dog training programs and Board & Trains come with a lifetime commitment of training and education. You as the owner are responsible for keeping up with the training and we will continue to support you and fix any issue that come up that were not foreseen when we started training per contract.
Our programs include your own personal trainer, personal login to our training site, continuing education, access to group classes for free, follow-up and support as long as you keep up with the training, contact us to learn more on how this works or if you have any questions.