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Become A Puppy Raiser Volunteer

What is the role of a puppy Raiser?

Here at Trusted Companion Dog Training, we are looking for volunteers to help us raise our service dogs that are in training or in our evaluation process. You will be assigned a puppy or an adult dog to live in your home. Puppy raisers are volunteers who take in and foster a service dog in training until that dog is ready to move on to advanced task training with one of our professional trainers. Our service dogs in training live in the homes of a puppy raisers and accompany them everywhere they go, including stores, restaurants, and school or work. Puppy raisers allow our dogs to get lots of one-on-one socialization and training time to practice the basic commands and good behavior in a wide variety of public settings.

We work hard to support you and give you the training you need to assist us in our service dog training programs. This is why we offer group training session to teach the handling skills to all of our fosters. We will have set zoom meeting you will be required to attend for progress update and training info. You will also have access to online training videos to help you succeed. We will also provide one-on-one training if needed.

All our puppy raiser volunteers will be provided everything they need for the dog at the financial cost of TCDT. This will include the dog food, dog bowls, a kennel, a leash, service dog vest, dog bed, dog toys along with all veterinary expenses for our service dog that are in training.

Why Become a Puppy Raiser?

Have you ever wanted to volunteer but didn’t know what you wanted to do? Do you have a love for dogs but cannot commit financially to 12-15 yrs. Do you want a way to give back to your community by helping someone get a service dog that normally wouldn’t be able to afford one? Did you now our cost of service dogs are much lower than the typical service dog organization because of you. This doesn’t mean the quality of our service dog is not at the highest standards. We do not cut corners in our training and we come highly recommended. Did you know It normally cost most organization between $15,000-$30,000 dollars for a service dog. A person with a disability that could benefit daily from having a service dog will go without because financially they cannot afford it. We are able to offer lower pricing because of our volunteers.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are making a difference in people’s lives and making dreams come true.

How Do I get Involved?

For more information on this ammazing opportunity please click here contact us.

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